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Kurenai chapter 1::Rain.bow
red, blue, orange, green... RAINB0W
Aerith // The Sky
the GazettE (Invisible Wall PV) [16]
Final Fantasy XIII (Serrah Cutscene) [74]

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14th-Aug-2009 12:42 pm - 250++ Members WOOT!!
Aerith // The Sky
x_kurenai has 250++ members!! ^^ I should celebrate this! I'm sorry i haven't been around, my life's getting busier and busier as i'm now an employed Web and Graphic Designer for a multi-national company :) To those who are in my flist must have known what i'm going through xD

Anyway~! My choice to celebrate this is providing icon request!

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Thank you! And happy requesting! \^^/
29th-Jun-2008 08:20 pm - Request: 110 Members <3
Aerith // The Sky
Aweee everyone, thanks for your comments! And for joining this comm! *glomps*

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This amount mainly gained by x_kurenai's new moderator ciel_mania!! *glomptackles* Have you downloaded her ever so popular mood themes?? Where have you been! Do it!~ *Join the comm in order to do so 'kayh?*

And for celebrating this, i would really like to OPEN ICON REQUEST!~ All genres! Yes!!~ Just provide me with HQ pics and let see what i can do. The icon will be yours and i won't share it with anyone if you don't want it X3 (as usual) Just credit me 'kay? Sankyuu!~ Happy requesting!

At last: Of Insomnia moved into new comm!!~ Yay ofinsomnia! You must must join this comm because _lamiai_ has very astounding graphics for you to use (unlike mine ZOMFG). Go give her some visits!!
18th-Apr-2008 06:39 pm - Opening
Aerith // The Sky
This community is ready!~~ Ayayayayya...............

You should check this community's rules and stuffs first. And no (new) graphics today. Now i'm only letting you download my previous graphics here. Enjoy <3
18th-Apr-2008 06:09 pm - Community Rules
Aerith // The Sky
If you're seeing this entry as recent, that means i've locked the newest entry. You must join community to view all entries and download my graphics.

Community Rules:
[x] These graphics are linkware, means you're free to use them but link-back to this community is required. Using without crediting means stealing. I didn't put any watermarks on online graphics, please appreciate by linking me back.
[x] Do NOT redistribute! You CAN NOT re-post my graphics archives on your sites/journals to be provided to anyone.
[x] Comment is LOVE. By giving comment (it's not hard, no? Even just 'thank you') means you're supporting me to produce any other graphics.
[x] And the last, please, please, DO NOT EDIT my graphics in any way. Those graphics are for being used only, not for making other graphics. If you dislike them, then don't use. You may only request icons however.
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